White Lotus Skin Natural Beauty Tool Cleaner


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This natural skin needling disinfectant is a wonderful product to maintain the hygiene of your skin needling rollers or crystal rollers. It can also be used to disinfect your acupressure mat or other products.

Colloidal silver benefits include killing 99.9% of bacteria and reducing the risks of fungal and viral infections (1,2). It is currently used in bandages to disinfect wounds and to safely disinfect some hospital equipment. It contains 25ppm.

It has been used for centuries as a precursor to antibiotics and was traditionally taken orally as well as externally.

This antibacterial spray is made from distilled water not filtered and produced by high quality generators to ensure effectiveness.

To use it you simply spray your roller or stamp before and after use. It is that simple to keep your skin needling equipment safe from bacteria accumulation.

Key Features

Proven – Colloidal silver has been shown to kill bacteria, fungal and viral infections (1,2).

Hygienic – Kills bacteria without touching the micro needles.

Safe – A long history of safe traditional use.

Quick – Simply spray your roller or stamp before and after use

Efficient – The pump action spray delivers an effective dose without the need to touch the micro needles.


Contains colloidal silver ions at 25ppm 50mL spray bottle


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