White Lotus – Organic Green Tea Facial Oil


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Inspired by ancient traditions, natural wisdom and modern creativity, this weightless, finely balanced facial oil will help soften, clarify, nourish and protect your skin.

The unique blend of non-comedogenic oils helps ensure your complexion will remain balanced and free from breakouts, while delivering optimal hydration.

This sublime oil glides on to help protect even delicate skin from the daily onslaught of modern life. Pollution, UV exposure, lifestyle choices all contribute to inflammatory responses within the skin that may result in premature signs of ageing, such as pigmentation irregularities, breakouts or acneic flare-ups.

Our products are created free of commercially negative ingredients; we are Vegan and cruelty free.


Green Tea – powerful antioxidant, rich in polyphenols and a multitude of naturally occuring vitamins

Red Ginseng – antioxidant rich extract to help energise circulation and help protect and support collagen strength and resilience.

Astragalus – anti-inflammatory, helps protect collagen from UV degradation.

Goji Berries – helps prevent hyperpigmentation response to UV pollution, help reduce oxidative stress on skin structure (collagen/elastin)

Grapeseed oil – a weightless oil, rich in amino acids, vitamin E, essential fatty acids to support glide and ingredient absorption without congesting skin.


100% Certified Organic Ingredients
PETA certified Vegan and Cruelty Free
No ethanol use in the production process

*Camellia Oleifera (Camellia) Seed Oil, *Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, *Astragalus Membranaceus (Astragalus) Root, *Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Berry Dried, *Panax Ginseng Root.


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