White Lotus Medium Jade Roller


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  • Premium quality designer rollers
  • Jewellery grade natural crystals
  • A gorgeous white box that has a pure white silk lining.
  • White Lotus’s signature brass clips used for safety, security, as well as hygiene.

From the beginning, the jade roller is a bit of a legend when it comes to holistic and natural beauty. Rollers made their first ever appearance in Ancient times in China. Used by only the privileged and wealthy, jade specifically is still known and revered today for its stellar properties. This isn’t just in modern time China, but for the rest of the world too.

Jade is cooling in nature seeing as it’s cold to the touch. Furthermore when applied to skin, it feels incredible too. This coldness stimulates many acupressure points that are on the face. As a result, we are often left in a calm and tranquil state of mind. Jade is also famous for both closing and tightening pores too. Not only that but it’s also heavily associated to the kidney channel you’d find in traditional Chinese medicine which was used in prolonging youth.

White Lotus specialises in providing pure crystals which go a step beyond that. Jade rollers that are pure provide even more great effects on the skin. The rollers provide plenty of skin cell nutrition via draining lymph and increasing microcirculation. This at the core is the reason why people can get the vibrant and more youthful look on their skin.

If that wasn’t enough, using the roller also allows the complexion to glow while also refining the skin and toning it too. It’s gentle enough too so you can use it around sensitive areas such as under the eyes and on your throat too. Because it’s still relatively gentle you can even use it on a daily basis. As a result, you can target fine lines, wrinkles as well as any skin that puffy or congested.

White Lotus is unique as most companies will opt for carving bigger stones. To get those bigger stones, companies are chemically treating the crystals and also pulling from lower-grade crystals allowing them to be made faster.


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