Quite Frankly Natural Bamboo Facial Cleansing Pad


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Made from 100% Natural Bamboo Fibre 

Receive 2x bamboo facial cleansing pads with an organic cotton drawstring wash bag.
Reusable, washable, durable and sustainable.
Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive.

These super soft facial cleansing pads assist in effective cleansing and makeup removal with 100% pure and natural bamboo fibres. The fibres gently sweep and wash away makeup, sunscreen, oil, dirt and pollutants, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and clean, without stripping or irritating the skin.


Splash your face with cool water. Gently massage a small amount of your favourite QFN cleanser into your face and neck (avoiding eye area). Wet one or both facial cleansing pads with water then gently sweep pad/s across the skin, massaging the cleanser over the skin. Rinse face and neck, repeat previous steps if necessary, squeeze out pad and then gently pat skin dry.

After each use, rinse the facial cleansing pad/s clean with warm water, squeeze out and hang out to dry.

These facial cleansing pads are also machine washable. Place cleansing pads inside wash bag provided, machine wash on cold cycle and hang out to dry.


Made from 100% Natural Bamboo Fibre 


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