Hanako Therapies – Liver Meridian

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Location: 2.5cm down from the big and second toe on top of the foot. You will feel a little hollow area. A great point to stimulate if you have that feeling of being ‘stuck’. Helps to stimulate correct flow and release stagnation of the inner body.
Directions: Apply to liver acupressure point and massage with fingertip. Do not use if pregnant.
Body Clock Time: 1am-3am
Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: irritability, anger, frustration, moodiness, negativity, nervous tension, short tempered, insecurity, stuck
Energy Balanced: Compassionate, assertive, organised, driven, patient, ambitious, clarity of thought.
Affirm: “I confidently assert myself lovingly and clearly.”
LIVER MERIDIAN– therapeutic properties

Bergamot- Traditionally used to harmonise Gallbladder and Liver Qi along with stomach and intestines, encourages flow and soothes nervous tension.

Neroli- Uplifting and calming. Assists to calm strong emotions of frustration and agitation and bring about emotional stability. Traditionally used to regulate the nervous system

Lavender- It has a cooling effect and calms the mind. Traditionally known for its therapeutic properties, assisting one to release pent up energies and ease frustrations.

Chamomile- Associated with the Wood Element; assists in easing frustrations and nervous tensions.


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