Delivered 1 on 1 over Face Time / Skype / Messenger/ Zoom

Products & tools may be required

Classes are $30.00 for 30 minutes

Contact Milly to book a time slot – 0401666034

Build Your Skeleton Kit

Let’s rummage through your makeup case, bathroom draw and handbag for personal care products. I promise I wont judge!! We will chat about where the gaps are and how you can simplify your routine with a low tox focus. This mini class comes with FREE personal care samples too.

Your Skin Care Ritual

Let’s have a holistic skin chat. I’ll introduce you to face mapping to help give you insight into your skins overall health. We can then create a new virtual home skincare ritual that is perfectly aligned to your lifestyle whilst helping you achieve a gorgeous daily glow. This mini class comes with FREE skincare samples too.

Roller Demo

*Skin Needling – Gua Sha – Cupping & Crystal Rollers

At home skincare tools add a wonderful extension to your skincare routine. I’ll educate you on the benefits and show you how to use them correctly too.

Inner Beauty Boosters & Blends

Lets chat about how your inner health affects your outer health and wellbeing. I’ll show you a couple of natural gut / skin related products and give you ideas on how to use them. We can then discuss how to encourage a better flow of energy within the body, using acupuncture points and aromatherapy blends.

The Perfect Base

Let’s chat and find the perfect base for your skin type and lifestyle. Depending on your individual needs I’ll show you how to prime, conceal, apply foundation correctly and powder your face. This mini class comes with FREE foundation samples too.

Eye Master Class

Struggling to make up your eyes? Lets practice together. We can try a smoky eye, an everyday look, new seasonal colours or that dreaded eyeliner.

Cheek Chats

There are a variety of simple techniques you can do to enhance your facial structure. We can practice contouring, highlighting and applying blush whilst playing with different colours and textures you have at home.

Lip Talk

Have you always wanted to try a bold or bright lip but are scared of making a mess of it? Let’s practice together!! I’ll show you a full proof way to enhance your natural lip shape and create a long wearing perfect finish.

Brow Styling

I’ll help you map out your brows so you understand how to fill them in correctly. I’ll educate you on brow products and what is best suited to your individual needs. We can then practice enhancing your brows naturally using the correct products, tools, and application techniques.