What We Do Online

  • Glowco has curated an online store filled with an exquisite selection of personal care products for the conscious beauty lover
  • Here you’ll discover Australian and International brands covering makeup & skincare
  • Using our products you’ll experience the most nourishing rituals of self-care at home

What We Do In Studio

  • In our sustainable Adelaide Hills Studio (near Blackwood) you’ll experience personalised holistic treatments using the most incredible organic and scientifically proven conscious beauty products to help you achieve your skin goals
  • The Glowco service menu is specialised and each individual is tailored to your energy and wellness goals. Treatments includes holistic facials, massage, skin consults, mindful makeup for any occasion + organic spray tanning.  *mobile services are also available

Why We Do It

  • Glowco is here first and fore most to help you feel good about yourself. We want you to glow from the inside out. We absolutely say a big NO to shaming women for their beauty, health, wellness and lifestyle choices and of course we say NO to the absolutely ridiculously unrealistic beauty standards social media in particular has put on our society. We say a big YES to body positivity, the privilege of ageing, learning to embrace your authentic self and feeling good in your skin your way!
  • We want to help tailor simple & effective beauty routines for your individual needs because lets face it.. we don’t have time for 12 steps!
  • We want to shine a spotlight on high performing scientifically proven clean, sustainably made and naturally derived ingredients. We also want you to be aware that consuming parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, PEGs and synthetic preservatives on a regular basis isn’t doing your skin and overall health any favours. But we don’t want you to get your knickers in a knot about it either
  • We are passionate about supporting local production, small business, cruelty free, eco conscious and ethical brands. This way we can help you become more mindful to choose brands that improve your environmental impact whilst respecting animals and human rights
  • As a business we also continually striving for more sustainable practices to ensure we are reducing our own carbon footprint

Who We Are?

Glowco is a family business run by us 🙂 husband and wife team Milly & Alex in Adelaide, South Australia.

We live in the picturesque Adelaide foothills abundant with gumtrees, native flowers and wildlife, an incredible place to draw inspiration from. Long walks and talks in the Belair national park together with our dog and little kids in tow certainly helped bring the Glowco dream to reality in 2018.


Hi Everyone! I am a qualified makeup artist, holistic skin therapist and visual artist. I have worked in creative and beauty industries for 17years. Most of this time I spent working for large international cosmetics brands in education, creative and business development roles. Including Mac cosmetics, Napoleon Perdis, The Body Shop & Jane Iredale. Through this time I became really picky when choosing cosmetics and personal care products for my family, clients and myself. I became highly educated on what goes on behind the scenes, including the good bad and the ugly. 

After having my second son I felt driven to live with more intention and find work within a space that felt perfectly aligned with my values and passions. Mindfulness, creativity, natural health, sustainability and self care are what fuels my soul.  

I always had Glowco in my mind, I just needed to convince Alex that quitting my job with a new baby on the way and following this dream was a good idea! luckily he agreed! 

Through Glowco I hope everyone can experience the positive impacts of the conscious beauty movement on the environment, animals, communities, our health and wellbeing.


Hey team! Outside the hustle of  the 9-5 corporate grind and craziness of family life, I am a passionate photographer, hiker, explorer and traveller who constantly endeavours to capture and experience the world from a unique perspective.

From the sunrises of Angkor Wat Cambodia to dark urban / industrial landscapes, my travels and photographic explorations have taken me on amazing journeys of self-discovery and wonder.

Sustainability and eco conscious living has become an extremely important journey in my life that I continue to see grow and evolve, helping me to discover, experience and create. 

I enjoy the freedom of being, living and sharing while minimising my footprint on our very beautiful yet fragile environment.

Throughout my travels, I have met many amazing likeminded people. I would love nothing more than to continue to learn with you and inspire others to make a change. 

Milly puts me to work in the back end of Glowco doing the finances, tinkering with this website and i’ll pack an order from time to too.. I’m lucky because she trials many products and services on me, which I am not complaining about! Free hot stone massages for life 🙂

Love & Wellness, Milly & Alex xx