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Why do we love Clean Beauty

We love clean beauty simple because it is a healthier more natural, holistic and eco conscious personal care lifestyle.

Clean beauty may be all the rage but it is nothing new.  Ancient beauty rituals from all areas of the globe have been brought back to life as we live in a time where we crave simplicity and getting back to nature. Think honey and clay masks, oil cleansers, essential oils, fruit and nut extracts and our obsession with anything crystal!

Clean beauty aka natural beauty, green beauty, low tox beauty, conscious beauty…..Don’t worry you are not the only one who feels confused.

Here are our Top 5 reasons you should get on the clean beauty bandwagon too. We hope this give you more understanding and motivates you to make the switch too!


Clean beauty is about prioritising what we put on our skin in the same way as what we put in our mouths.  Naturally derived ingredients can deliver essential nutrients to our skin better than synthetic ingredients. Similarly, our bodies prefer wholefoods over synthetic vitamins and processed foods. This theory is based on the idea that our body recognises natural molecules more easily and then in turn use them more effectively.

Eliminating toxic ingredients is discussed a lot in the clean beauty industry. These are ingredients that cause skin reactions, clog pores, disrupt our endocrine system and are carcinogenic.

Does excessive build up of toxins in our bodies cause us harm? Seriously, does it??

It has become such hot debate in the beauty industry and you’ll find research that says it does and research that says it doesn’t. But why take the risk?? Considering the skin is a living, breathing organ and covers the surface area of our body it’s important to be mindful of what we put on it topically. Especially if you have been loading up on personal care products since you were a child! Think about all the sunscreen, moisturiser, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, makeup, perfume & nail polish…yikes!!

At a minimum, the clean beauty industry strongly advises to avoid parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic emulsifiers, formaldehyde, preservatives and nanoparticles.

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Well this is a bit of a no brainer, let’s just NEVER test on animals. The testing processes are disgustingly barbaric and it is still practiced by many of your favourite cosmetic brands today!

So to be absolutely sure your products are free of animal testing, choose brands that are certified cruelty free. The ‘Leaping Bunny’ certification is the international gold standard for non-animal tested consumer products. Peta is also another incredible organisation that has up to date information on companies that do or do not test on animals.


Clean beauty brands are also usually eco friendly brands. Mainstream cosmetic ingredients, packaging and production take a HUGE toll on our environment.

Plastic packaging saturates the cosmetics industry so it’s great to see brands starting to move towards using recyclable options now.

– Micro beads found in exfoliators are essentially tiny balls of plastic that wash into our oceans killing marine life as they mistake them for food.  

– Oxybenzone is a common ingredient found in chemical sunscreen, and is largely contributing to the bleaching of coral reefs.

– Palm oil is used in countless products too. The rapid deforestation that is occurring to produce this ingredient is phenomenal and devastating.


Clean beauty favours sustainably sourced and organic natural ingredients. These are found all over the world and often in remote communities on small-scale farms. So by supporting organic you’ll be supporting farmers earn a fair wage which then feeds back into their community.

Plus they deliver exceptional results in skincare because organically grown plants have higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins that are free of harsh chemicals causing inflammation in the body.

It is also incredibly tough for products to achieve a certified organic stamp in Australia (ACO). This means that the product must contain 95% or more certified organic ingredients.

Micro batch production is where smaller cosmetic businesses make their products themselves in small batches. This is great because not only are you supporting an artisan local small business, you’ll also end up with a fresher product too. Did you know that mass produced cosmetics usually sit on a warehouse shelf for months, even years before they make it to your bathroom? This is why conventional cosmetics are filled with so many preservatives.

Micro batch skincare here!


Clean beauty can be as simple as oxygenating your skin with fresh air, improving cellular circulation with exercise, getting a vitamin D hit with a healthy does of sunlight, hydrating your skin with filtered water and nourishing your skin with a nutritious meal. Keep it simple and keep it as close to nature as possible.

A clean beauty routine should become a ritual of self-love. The movement champions inner beauty over outer beauty. It’s all about being more mindful, prioritising your own health, wellness, getting better at giving back and being kind to yourself.

After all, we are supposed to get break outs from time to time, we all age, we all have stretch marks, lumps and bumps and we are all uniquely beautiful.

Love and Wellness Milly Reid

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