Do you know these skincare basics?

Skincare Rituals

Having a skincare ritual that you can embrace everyday is a wonderful way to give back to yourself. Everyone’s ritual will be different as it’s such a personalised experience. First and foremost it has to make to you feel good, otherwise let’s face it, you won’t do it!

My evening skincare ritual is literally the highlight of my day. I shower late at night because my three kids are usually tucked up in bed. Amongst the steam, running water and my natural beauty potions, I feel like me again. This little ritual is not just about taking care of my skin; it’s about taking care of my mental wellbeing. 

You can’t have a skincare ritual without a few products. If you love the idea of making your own, go for it and have fun but please be super careful and do your research. It is so easy to have a reaction, cause an infection or clog your pores.

If DIY isn’t your jam, there are literally 100’s of amazing products out there. It can be a minefield navigating the best picks. So to guide you in the right direction, you’ll want to know these skincare basics:

Skincare Basics

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1. First of all, think simple! You don’t need a ten step routine. Start with a good cleanser and moisturiser and go from there.

2. Just because someone else loves a product doesn’t mean you’ll love it too. Don’t get sucked into the cult beauty hype. It’s important to do your own research.

3. Choosing products from only one brand might not be the best routine for your skin. It’s totally ok to shop around and love products from multiple brands. 

4. If your beloved skincare products don’t give you the same glow anymore, it might be time for a shake up. Your skin can become immune to ingredients, similarly to when you repeat a gym routine over and over and your results plateau.

5. Unfortunately, there is no miracle skin cream. Skincare needs to be treated holistically. Meaning, if you can prioritise your inner health including your sleep, hydration levels, stress, menstrual cycle and environmental toxin exposure, naturally your skin will improve too.

6. Over cleansing and using too many active ingredients can become a real problem for our skin. We can easily impair our protective acid mantle, causing inflammation, excess oil, dehydration and infections. Don’t underestimate the benefits of simply cleansing with water to give your skin a break from time to time.

7. Ingredient lists are long, confusing and boring to read. Look for products that are paraben, phthalate and fragrance free.  If you are worried about specific ingredients, you’ll find them in their highest quantities at the beginning of the list. They then diminish in quantity further down the list. Generally, the top third is where you want to focus most of your attention.

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