Introducing White Lotus – Crystal Rollers, Skin Needling & Organic Skincare

Did you know you’ll receive a FREE crystal roller at Glowco with your first ‘Guided Gua Sha’ facial treatment!

White Lotus products and skin tools are based on traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. They have an exceptional range of authentic crystal rollers, organic skin care and derma needling rollers to enhance your skincare rituals. We stock many of their best selling products at Glowco too!…

I have enjoyed studying their comprehensive courses in Gua Sha, Holistic Skin Needling, Cupping and Face Mapping. I use these techniques during in salon facial treatments, but the best part is that they are easy enough to replicate at home.

These tools will increase microcirculation, enhance product absorption to improve your complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines, stimulate new collagen and improve lymphatic drainage.

Get in touch if you need some advice picking the right roller for your skin type, and how to use it correctly.

Quick Tip – Always roll in an upwards and outwards direction to lift and open up the energy of your face. Make sure you use this upwards technique on your neck too. This process will help drain excess fluid causing puffiness and swelling most effectively. I like to start on the right side of my face first and then move over to the left as this is the pathway chi energy moves through the body.

Thanks for reading, Milly x

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