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How to achieve a minimalist makeup look?

A minimalist makeup look is easy with these 2 steps. 1: The Cleanse & Step 2: Filling the Gaps. Keep reading to learn more & how to apply 3 simply gorgeous minimalist makeup looks.


Who is guilty of draws full of products they never use and have had for years? I challenge you to pull out all of your makeup products!! A spring clean is good for the soul! Empty your pockets, bathroom draws, dressing table, and various bags. Take a good hard look at all that gloopy stuff!! Now let’s get it sorted so you have the perfect collection of products that actually serve you.


1. What hasn’t expired?

2. What have you used in the last 4 months?

3. What double ups have you got? (think similar colours, textures and functions)

Now get rid of the rest!! When I say get rid of, please be mindful of how you dispose of them.  Some cosmetic companies will accept empties, which go towards recycling programs. You can always donate products to charity or give them to your friends.


  If you need anything new look for multipurpose products.

  • A buildable base that you can achieve different looks with, even better if it doubles as your concealer
  • Slim line colour palettes for eyes and cheeks with very adaptable shades
  • If the palette has more than 10 colours in it, ask yourself – are you really going to use all of those colours?
  • Complete your lipstick collection with colours that you can mix together to create new shades, like a nude, peach, red and pink
  • Lipstick can double as cream blush too, honestly there is not much difference!
  • One product I do like to replace more frequently is mascara because those tubes breed bacteria really quickly. Or you can tint your lashes and go mascara free for 4-6 weeks!


You’ll love these looks for Spring / Summer, but they are easily be adapted throughout the rest of the year too.


Inspiration images from Pinterest – MUA unknown

Do you want to wake up looking naturally made up every day? I am putting my hand up here! This is the perfect every day look for no fuss girls, women who are time poor and aren’t that interested in spending 10 minutes a day on a makeup routine. It is also a look that is perfect for beach days and holidays.

Eco Tan Face Tan Waterjane iredale LipDrinkWildcrafted Organics Wild Rose

Step 1 – Get your brows shaped and try professional tinting or henna. I do love henna on sparse brows because the natural dye also stains the skin, so you don’t need to fill them in. The look will last between 2 – 4 weeks.

Step 2 – Tint your lashes. This is the best way to go mascara free. You can get tints for sensitive skin now too. If you want longer more curled lashes, you can go for a lash lift too.

Step 3 – Use a little self-tan on your face. Try mixing it with your moisturiser before bed to wake up with a subtle glow. Or use face tan water, which acts as a toner on the skin. Having a little more colour on your face will help you go foundation free in the day.

Step 4 – Use a good quality product with hyaluronic acid in it to keep your skin looking plump and hydrated through out the day.

Step 6 – Use a good quality SPF mineral powder. With bronzed, dewy skin you should only need a little powder to even out your skin tone.  Mineral powders wont clog the pores and they are water resistant and antibacterial.

Step 7 – Use a lipstick with SPF that can double as your cream blush. Did you know that your lips are one of the most at risk areas for melanoma? Yikes.

Step 8 – Keep your skin looking fresh all day with a face hydration spray. Spritz throughout the day, when you feel like you need a bit of a boost.


Inspiration images from Pinterest – MUA unknown

It’s amazing how many looks you can create when you have the right multipurpose products on hand. This is the perfect look for women who love makeup, but don’t want to clutter their bathroom with too much stuff. They want a look they can tweak for different occasions but they want versatile colours that are easy to work with and blend with most styles.

jane iredale products
beyond matte foundation
great shape contour kitpurepressed eyeshadow kits

Step 1 – Create your perfect base using a semi-matt buildable foundation. Add a little extra to the areas you need to conceal. If it’s semi-matt you will unlikely need a powder too.

Step 2- Grab a contour palette. This is a colour palette, which has a bronzer, highlighter and blush in one.

  • Sweep a little bronzer on the areas of the face that hit the sun, add a little blush to the apples of your cheeks, and highlight along the highs of your cheeks, tip of nose and the cupids bow. *Highlight with a small fluffy dome shape brush. Less is more.

Step 3 – Find a colour palette with neutral tones that you can create multiple looks with.  The colours should harmonise together.

  • Make sure it has at least one darker shade and one lighter shade.
  • Use the mid tones all over your lids. Take a small brush, wet it slightly and then sweep along your lash lines for a soft eye lined look. Use the lighter colour on the inner corner of your eyes to open them up and a little under the peak of the eyebrow. You can’t go wrong!
  • For a more intense look, work colour under the lash line. Aim for a tapered line, start a bit thinner closer to the nose and work a bit thicker as you move to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 4 – Coat your lashes in mascara, and groom your brows.

Step 5 – Finish with your favourite lipstick or gloss.


Inspiration images from Pinterest – MUA unknown

Think pink lips, cheeks and eyes. Shock horror this look has been seen on the runway all around the world this year in 2019.

jane iredale bronzerjane iredale puregloss pink lady

It can look awful, but it can also look really feminine, fresh and beautiful if done right. I have given it ago myself and after a couple of attempts here are my tips.

  • The key is using pink tones that work for your skin colour. If you are on the warmer scale go for a more peachy/ pink look and if you are cooler then try pastel pink tones.
  • It looks great if the pinks you choose are very similar. Don’t go for contrasting pinks here!
  • You should be able to create this look with multipurpose products too. E.g. Use your lipstick on your cheeks, or your blush on your eyes. This way you know the colour tones will be the same.
  • Make sure you mix up your textures. If your eyes and cheeks are matte, try adding a gloss to your lips. If your eyes and cheeks are shimmery, try a creamy or matte lip.

Step 1 – Create a nice dewy foundation base, think tinted moisturiser. Add concealer to any areas of skin that need a little more coverage.

Step 2 – Sweep your desired pink shade (blush or eye shadow) across the eyelid and under the lower lash line. Apply a lighter shade right in the middle of your eyelid. This does look pretty with a more shimmery product. You can line the eyes for definition, but personally I like this look without eye liner.

Step 3 – Apply mascara, try brown for a softer look and then groom your brows.

Step 4 – Apply a little blush to the apples of the cheeks either a cream or matte blush is fine. Even experiment with your lipstick or lip gloss on your cheeks.

Step 5 – Apply a pink lip product. It is up to you whether you choose lipstick or gloss.

Just keep your application subtle don’t be too heavy handed. You want the pink to look as though it just popped out of your skin, not like you are stuck in the 80’s!

Have fun getting a minimalist makeup look on!

Love and Wellness, Milly xx

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