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Detox Your Pits

We took 1 year to test a bunch of natural deodorants for you.  Which meant we sure did have a few stinky days in the mix!!

Finding the best alternative to antiperspirants was on the top of our priority list since we use it every single day.

We wanted to find a brand that specifically specialised in deodorant, worked with your individual needs and aligned with our low tox beauty values.

Guess what we found it!! Boom!!

Good + Clean is here and we have their full collection for you to try! Four deliciously amazing naturally fragrant deodorants ready to detox your pits. You will never go back!!!!

Good + Clean is an award winning deodorant!!  They contain ingredients that kill bacteria, neutralise odour and absorb moisture so you don’t end up a sweaty mess.  Plus they condition the skin too.

If you have struggled with a natural deodorant before it could be because that brand uses baking soda. I personally find this ingredient irritating on the skin. So it was a big no no from us. Luckily Good + Clean agree and they combine the most effective ingredients, with fresh essential oils to make them smell great! 

Good + Clean is 100% natural, their packaging is eco-friendly + 10% of their sales are donated to an environmental conservation project.

Why make the switch?

Well look most of those nasty antiperspirants are filled with  parabens, phlalates and synthetic fragrance. We know you have heard this all before. But just to drum it in, these ingredients have been shown to be endocrine disruptive and mess with your hormones. No Thanks!

One of the most talked about concerns in antiperspirants is aluminium salts because they block your sweat glands.

Aluminium salts can potentially be absorbed through the skin into your body and cause harm. This ingredient is linked to breast cancer, liver toxicity and Alzheimer’s disease. Many health experts agree that this ingredient is best avoided.

It’s a no brainer but we are supposed to release that sweat, not block it! Sweat releases toxins from the body, and yes that is a good thing. 🙂

Natural deodorants don’t block your sweat glands, they contain moisture absorbing ingredients to keep you dry.

Now here is the hard truth!! It will take a couple of months to completely detox your body off antiperspirants, but it is soooooo worth it!! You can speed this process up using a detox mask under your arm pits a few times a week. I recommend trying Eco By Sonya’s Face Compost for this.

Head over and browse the Good + Clean range NOW.. My personal fav at the moment is Nerolina and Alex’s is Santalum.

Milly xx

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