AHA’s What on earth are they?

You have heard about them, seen them on your beauty products, but what on earth are they? If they are acids surely that’s not good for the skin? They definitely couldn’t be natural?

Well AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) can totally be natural, and yes they are great for your skin. These ingredients come from natural fruits and sugars. AHA’s most commonly found in skin care are Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid.

These 2 acids work as natural exfoliators. They work on the surface layers of the skin breaking down the glue holding your skin cells together. This encourages skin cell turn over and repair to reveal a smoother brighter complexion.

Natural AHA’s can be gentler than a physical exfoliator, which manually scrub away dead skin using textured ingredients.

AHA’s are also great for reducing the appearance of scars, pigmentation and sunspots. They work wonders on fine lines and prevent wrinkles. AHA’s help treat and prevent acne too. What’s not to like?

Be careful to look out for the words ‘naturally derived’ on product packaging. This means they have potentially added synthetic ingredients to make them stretch further or to stabilise their ingredients. When chemicals are added to acids they can cause skin sensitivities.

We have some great products at Glowco with natural AHA’s and free of synthetics

My 2 are favourites are

Eco By Sonya – Super Citrus Cleaner

This is a really lightweight organic gel cleaner which will give you are really deep clean without stripping your skin of natural oils. I find this to be particularly good on oily and combination skin types.

It contains Cavier Lime (Finger Lime) which is packed full of natural  AHA’s.

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Wildcrafted Organics – Wild Berry

This is a multipurpose honey based cleaner, exfoliator and face mask. It is filled with incredible skin loving nutrients, to dissolve dead skin cells, gently exfoliate, remove toxins whilst nourishing, hydrating and brightening your skin.

It contains Organic Wildflower Honey and Hibiscus both natural AHA’s.  These increase elasticity, balance oily skin, stimulate collagen production, and minimise fine lines.

I love using this in conjunction with a gel or oil cleanser. It is an incredible anti-aging product, and  great for sensitive skin too.

Wildcrafted organics wild berry

What is your favourite Alpha Hydroxy Acid filled product?

 Milly xx

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