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The Mascara Low Down


Mascara is an absolute beauty essential. We all use it and love it. Let’s face it, we are always on the look out for the next best thing. Here are my top 5 mascara facts.

  1. It doesn’t last forever

Eyelashes naturally have bacteria in them, and overtime double dipping our mascara wands even in our own products can multiply this bacteria and cause serious eye infections and allergic reactions. Most mascara’s will expire after 3 months so make sure you replenish your products regularly.

  1. Taking it off

Leaving mascara on over night can cause you lashes to weaken and break. Pieces of mascara can land in your eyes and cause redness, irritation and even scratch the eye. I always take my mascara off gently with an oil-based cleanser specific for the eye area.

ECO BY SONYA GLORY OIL works really well too!

  1. Moisturising your lashes

Eyelashes are just tiny hairs and should be treated with as much care as the hairs on your head. Using a lash conditioner under mascara or as a night time treatment will help prevent breakage and promote long thick healthy lashes for life.


Jane-Iredale-Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner

  1. Try brown mascara

I love brown mascara on particular skin tones for a softer look. It works really well on mature faces and teenagers. Black can sometimes look too harsh.

Brown is a neutral colour and will make your iris’s appear brighter, particularly if you have blue or green eyes.

Blondes, red heads or fair skin tones look great with brown mascara too.

Try the shade espresso in jane iredale’s LONGEST LASH THICKENING AND LENGTHENING MASCARA

  1. Waterproof mascara for everyday

I try an avoid waterproof mascara, but from time to time I will use it when I know I am going swimming or have a special occasion on a hot humid day.

If I am going on a beach holiday I will usually tint my lashes and then I can skip mascara all together. But tinting is also a beauty service you want to limit because of the synthetic dyes. It’s all about balance right 🙂

Using waterproof mascara everyday will weaken your lashes, dry them out and cause breakage. The removal alone can cause a lot of strain on both your eyelashes and the delicate skin around your eyes. If you wear contacts, you will probably ruin them by wearing waterproof mascara because you simply wont be able to remove the mascara residue on the lens.

The ingredients in chemical based waterproof mascaras are some of the harshest found in cosmetics. Eeeekkk!!!

Common ingredients to avoid include: Carbon Black, ethanolamine compounds, BAK, Formaldehyde, Aluminum powder, Retinyl acetate or retinyl palmitate, coal tar dyes and synthetic fragrance!!

What I’m currently using –


  • If you like your lashes looking natural but still long and ‘fluffy’ this mascara is for you.
  • It’s packaged in a squeezable tube with a high-quality, jumbo sized hollow fibre brush.
  • It’s also brilliant if you have sensitive eyes.

Jane-Iredale-longest lash mascarraLet me know what you are using in the comments below?

Milly xx

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